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yee-fan sun was born, raised and educated in Boston, MA. She has been designing professionally for web and print since 1996, when she received her Bachelor of Arts in Visual + Environmental Studies from Harvard University, graduating magna cum laude. In addition to providing freelance graphic design services under the name Mighty Bold Mark! Design, Yee-Fan is also the founder and editor of DigsMagazine.com, an on-line home and living magazine for twenty-somethings that's been noted in publications as diverse as Mademoiselle, New York Magazine, and Yahoo! Internet Life.

Graphic design seemed like a natural career choice for a girl who had a well-trained eye and a knack for visual communication, and who possessed a high comfort level with computers (thanks to a technophilic father, who introduced her to her first computer, an Apple, at the age of seven). In 1996 and 1998-1999, she worked for Reading Information Technology Incorporated, a Massachusetts-based software engineering and technical service company, as in-house graphic designer and webmaster. Since 1997, she has also worked as a graphic design freelancer. Freelance projects have included CD covers, wedding invitations, brochure covers, + websites for clients such as Reading Information Technology Inc., the Angiogenesis Foundation, and various private parties.

In addition to her graphic design experience, Yee-Fan has a strong interest and background in photography. From 1997-1998, she studied at James Cook University in Australia, completing the Graduate Diploma of Arts program in Creative Arts, with a specialty in photography. Solo exhibitions of her artwork include a 1995 showing of drawings, prints and photographs at Leverett House, Harvard University, and a 1998 exhibition of photographic collages completed during her time in Australia, shown under the title What Connects, at the Vincent Gallery (James Cook University, Townsville, Australia). Visit Yee-Fan's personal site, mighty bold mark at play, to learn more about her background and interests.

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